Captain Planet


For my Senior Thesis, I decided to showcase my various drawing styles, by creating visual development for to different topics.  My first project was arranged during my first semester composed of various character design, environments, key scenes, and lighting techniques.  Project #1 is concept art based off a popular 90s cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers as if it were turned into a live-action featured film in modern day.  This cartoon series is about five chosen teens that are each given a ring that obtains one of the powers of the elements (ex: earth, wind, fire, water, heart) of earth.  When rings are combined, they create an ultra being called Captain Planet, that helps these kids fight off those who are trying to harm and pollute planet earth.  I became extremely passionate about my topic because of numerous reasons.  I was a kid in the 90s decade and some of my happiest moments were waking up on a Saturday morning to watch my cartoons, so it is to pay homage to my youth.  

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